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Round 8: Cadwell Park

Well what a very disappointing round for us as we were looking strong for a very good top 5 finish.

I was struggling in qualifying with issues on the bike and it was almost cutting out going through turn one - we thought it was a fuel pump issue however after looking into it we found that the rear shock had given-up and was making me grind the gear lever down which was triggering the quickshifter meaning we had to get the rear shock fully serviced... after that we did a oil change and "someone 🙋🏻‍♂️" put too much in. It blew an oil seal and spat the oil out on the out-lap and unfortunately resulting in me getting pulled off the grid. However, it was the safest thing to do. Next up is Oulton - and we are keeping our heads up!

I'm really sorry to all my sponsors and supporters for what happend today we will be back up there at Oulton.

Huge thank you to Kevin Hann, Bob and Tricia Beavis, Mark Clark, Dale Beanz Thomson, Pav Steska Suspension Set Up, Tony Scott, Charlie Monk, Hans Van Der Merwe, John Gardner, Anne Cole, Toby Reynolds, Charlie Morris and Del Dowds.

33kV Limited


Opal Tec

Caterin Investments LTD


Associated British Motorcycles


Fuchs Silkolene

RG Crash Protection


HEL Performance

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