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Race report: Cadwell Park

Not a whole lot I can say about this weekend as we only got 1 and a half sessions but here’s why…


FP1 - we started the weekend knowing we had to run an engine in so we did that for the first three laps then I had my first “flying lap” then the bike cut out so we had to call the session.

The boys worked hard overnight trying to find the problem, and we eventually found that it was the fuel pump tea bag being all clogged up.


Qualifying - the bike seemed to be running ok after that issue however still suffering with a bit of an electrical problem. But after only having one lap in practice the team and I were delighted to come away with a front row - P3!

Race 1 - starting P3 on the grid, I had the worst start of my life dropping to P8 and then managed to fight my way back putting in a decent lap time on early laps to get on the back of the battle for P2 (which we knew we had pace for) unfortunately I made my first mistake of the year and went down at Charlie’s 2 folding the front on the bump. (SORRY TEAM) making all the boys work hard all night long to get it ready for morning warm up. Lucky enough I did a fast enough lap time early enough to keep me P3 on the grid for race 2.


Before warm up we took the bike to scrutineering to get it all checked over and all was ok and then as I go out for warm up big errors on the dash with electrical fault…

So I missed all of morning warm up and the lead up to the race trying everything we could to sort the issue. Unfortunately despite the teams hardest efforts we could not get the bike ready for the race :(

Race 2 - DNS

I’m so sorry to all my team, sponsors, family, supporters. Another weekend was just not meant to be for us. I had the pace for two good podium finishes this weekend and I let everybody down again.

I would like to thank everyone who helped out with parts over the weekend and everyone who got stuck in and helped with the bike!

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