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Race report: Brands Hatch

Well after what happened exactly a week ago today - to say we even made it here this weekend let alone get two good point scoring results is something the team is really pleased with!

Of course being a racer I will not be very happy until I’m on the top step! But it’s coming!


Warm up - P6

Race 1 - P6.

Had a good battle and we ended up in front! Unfortunately I didn't put a good enough time in to go much further up the grid in race 2 (P8).


Warm up - P4

We tried something new with gearing and suspension set up and felt like we could make it work.

Race 2 - P7

After getting my first ever good start on the Ducati I ended up in P4 by getting my elbows out into turn two unfortunately come turn four I couldn’t get the gearing to work in the race 🙄

I wish I could say I did the best I could however in complete honesty I did not race to my best ability today and I am kicking myself for it. I have to say sorry to all my team sponsors and friends, but to still walk away with a 7th place after that we will take it with lots of positives going to Cadwell Park in five weeks time which is also my favourite track. I can’t wait to ride there on the Ducati 😁.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us from last week to now let’s keep up the hard work!

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