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Round 6: Snetterton 300

What an amazing weekend.

Weekend starting off well with a P12 in FP1 knowing I can improve

Unfortunately, in FP2 I was really struggling getting the bike to turn in and the front was chattering going into turns... we then found out there was different amount of oils in each fork legs and there was way too much in both.

Qualifying, I had done five laps running in P11 then came in to make a change and have some water, also to let dad know the gearing change we made from FP2 wasn't right so as we go back out I manage to do 1 lap and it starts to rain so I couldn't improve on my time and with everyone else going faster I got bumped down to 16th position.

Warm up, we went back to our old gearing and improved a lot however, with the bike being set up for the other gearing I was running off track everywhere, so we went back to our harder springs for the race.

The race

I had to try out the changes we made from warm-up on the out lap and ride through - it felt so much better.

So we pull up to the grid and as you may know there was a start line incident on the green flag lap including the injured Aaron Clifford and Charlie Morris. I wish you both a speedy recovery.

My race was amazing! I fought my way from 14th on the grid up to 9th and was in the battle for 8th but unfortunately I got pushed wide at the end of the back strait and then couldn't re-group so brought it home in P12. I also managed to come home with the 8th fastest time In the race!

Feels so good to be back fighting and racing with some fast boys.

I wouldn't ever of been able to make it here without the help and support of...

Mark Clark CegraIT

Kevin Hann 33kVLimited

Dale Beanz Thomson

Anthony Davis Caterin Investments LTD

Hans Van Der Merwe


Tony Scott T3Performance


LGS Chris Barnes


RGcrashprotection Alan Garrett

151s Rob Cameron


Caryn Thomson

Joey Poole

Darren Canes Max Canes, Natalie Canes, Archie Canes & Stephen shepherd

I can't thank you all enough for what you do for me!!!!

📸 Bonnie Lane

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