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Round 4: Brands Hatch GP

Well what can I say what a weekend at Brands Hatch GP!

FP1, I completed five laps due to my clutch gasket being kinked and leaking oil. Thank you to Charles Cboyo Reynolds and Kenneth Clifford for the replacement gasket and oil. I was P27 after FP1.

FP2, after fixing the bike I managed to find some pace and ending in P19 after getting pipped on the last lap! I was really pleased with that as last time I was here on my wildcard last year I ended the weekend on a 1.36.8 and on the same bike this year I managed a 1.33.5.

A few changes to make for qualifying, but first, I have to say a huge thank you to Stephen Shepherd for all the help and support and going on a track walk with me on Friday night, ready to know where I can go quicker!

Qualifying was a very good session. I struggled with a few problems, however I just had to ride around them, we were running P18 and then again got pipped two places on the last lap resulting us in a P20 grid slot for the race. Managing to go 0.8 quicker than FP2.

A wet warm up was a lot of fun first time riding on brand new wet tyres. They are awesome and are so much fun in the wet! I finished warm up in P7.


I definitely had the best race of my season so far starting in 20th on the grid and managed to fight my way up to 9th. Unfortunately I binned it coming out of Graham hill bend☹️ Despite this, I am really pleased to show that I have the pace in the wet and I am not far of in the dry too 😉 I'll be up there soon!

Probably not the Fathers Day you wanted Dale Beanz Thomson but there you go 😅 love you dad we will get that top 10 soon.

Want to say a huge thank you to Mark Clark, Ann Marie Hamilton and Kevin Hann for all the help and coming down to support me, sorry about the end result however we will definitely be there 🔜! Can't thank you guys enough for all the help!

Stephen Shepherd, for the track walk and support.

Darren, Natalie, Max & Archie Canes and Nill Worman for coming down to support me as always! Love have you guys there.

Hans Van Der Merwe for always being there and supporting us!

Charlie Morris for messing up my clutch... Next round your getting stripped. Joking mate, was awesome having you guys with us 👌

Toby Reynolds John and Ann

Thank you Anthony Davis for the help and support!

Thank you to Stuart Seabright and Fenton Seabright for the boots!

Chris Barnes at Lanconshire Gas Services for the tyre warmers!

Del Dowds at Sublime Designs for making me look absolutely mint out there!









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