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Round 7: Thruxton

Well what an experience Thruxton was!

Friday was all about learning the track and getting us to a working point for the weekend as it was my first time there since 5 years ago on an 125 so it was a major jump!

We spent Saturday qualifying trying to put that one flying lap in, I gave it my all and put it in 10th and then I came into the pits and dropped to 14th! None the less, we were pleased with that!

Morning warm up (at 6.20pm 🤣) we made some changes to see if we would prefer it for the race, but it didn't, so we changed it back for the race.


The race really wasn't what I was hoping for after qualifying 14th. I made a mistake on the first lap coming onto the back straight which set me back for the whole race, then when the safety car came out I tried to stay on the back of the group in front but made another mistake in the chicane complex and spent the next two laps pushing to get back up - by that time my tyres where absolutely knackered! I brought it home in 20th. However we are keeping our heads high for Cadwell 😁 all I can say is that I am very excited for that round!

Keep fighting Aaron Clifford! Got lots of people behind you! Thoughts are still with you.

Thank you to John and Anne Cole for all the help and hospitality!!

Huge thank you to everyone!

Dale Beanz Thomson, Kevin Hann, Mark Clark, Anthony Davis, Darren Canes, Hans Van Der Merwe, Del Dowds, Charlie Monk, Matthew Randalls, Rob Cameron & Tony Scott.

33kV Limited

Cegra IT

Opal Tec

Caterin Investments LTD


Associated British Motorcycles


Fuchs Silkolene



HEL Performance

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