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Round 12: Brands Hatch GP

Well what can I say. We are now at the end of my first season in Superstock 600 and it has been a year full of learning. Even if my results don't show how much I have improved and how our team has improved, I would just like to say a massive thank you to EVERYBODY who was involved this season. I cannot thank you all enough and it absolutely means the world to me that I have people behind me wanting me to do well!

Start of the weekend was not great. I think my confidence had taken a knocked after Donington, so I wasn't where I wanted to be but brought the bike back in one piece.

Saturday's qualifying, I managed to step up my game a little and and ended up up in 11th but with the track being half wet and half dry and me not stopping in the pits I didn't check my tyre pressures and they were way too hard so was running wide everywhere.

The race

I was feeling good and comfortable running the pace and I was no where near my limit, unfortunately I made a mistake after the safety car went in, I tried too hard straight away and ended up having a huge highside. I was really disappointed as I know I had the pace to run with the front runners!

Really sorry to the team and all the sponsors!

Will be back next year fighting fit and ready to get up there #1 #33

I would like to say a huge thank you to my dad Dale Beanz Thomson who puts EVERYTHING into my racing and it's more than what people see, people don't see the sleepless days, nights, weeks, that it takes to keep us going. Thank you so much dad and I will repay you soon - we will have a less stressful year next year.

If it wasn't for the following people it would be impossible to make it with Dad already working every hour under the sun.

Kevin Hann thank you so much for all the help and support this year from the beginning you have stuck with us even when we were at very low times!

Mark Clark I can't thank you enough for all your help and support this season we are so happy to have someone so understanding on-board. Hopefully this is the first of many good years to come!

Anthony Davis - you've been with us since the start of the season all the way to the end, thank you so much for sticking with us mate!

Robert Beavis and Tricia Beavis - thank you for seeing the potential and all the hard work that goes into making everything work, you coming on-board is a god send, so glad to have you again next season supporting at the tracks!

Tony Scott and Charlie Monk thank you for coming on-board. The help and support has only moved us forward thank you so much!

Bárdi Zsolt and Jusztina Bàrdinè Jusztin thank you for your support and help looking forward to having you on next season!

Anne Cole and John Gardner thank you for coming on-board and staying with us so we can progress together as a team. I can't thank you enough for everything you do for me!

Darren Canes, Natalie Canes, Max Canes and Archie Canes - thank you for your support, it's awesome having you coming to watch throughout the season when you can!

Jim Agombar, thank you for the words of wisdom before the race and it is sweet having you there. #33legendary

Hans Van Der Merwe thank you for all the help and support at every round awesome having a good friend there supporting!

Caryn Thomson thank you for everything you do for me, you are always there for me when I need you and you support me through it all. Caitlyn Thomson, thank you for coming to watch and supporting me through everything I love you both.

Pav Steska Suspension Set Up thank you for coming onboard ever since you have been with us we have been making huge steps and this is only making us very strong for next season, can't wait for the Spanish sunshine. 😁

I know there is many more I am missing however I'm still a bit slow after my crash 🤣😭


Cegra IT


Caterin Investments Ltd

Breckland Utility Solutions


Associated British Motorcycles


Major Track Bike Hire

Track Bike Paints


HEL Performance

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