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Round 1: Silverstone National

The first round of the British Superbikes Superstock 600 season didn't really go to plan...

FP1, I went out with brand new leathers and it was my first time wearing a back protector that isn't built into the suit so it felt very uncomfortable. I also had 5psi down in the front tyre which was causing me big problems.

FP2, I found that all the bikes where coming flying passed me down the straights. I came in and found the bike was overheating and that there was no water in the radiator. ☹️

Qualifying we went out and made some huge changes with going five teeth smaller on the rear sprocket and some big suspension changes so spent qualifying trying as hard as I could and went faster but still felt down on power.

Morning warm up after some more changes to the suspension I went out and set my fastest lap of the weekend when the bike and everything was still cold...


In the race I went out and straight away the clutch was slipping and by the end of the race it was COMPLETELY gone ☹️ so I had to ride around and get to the finish. Which makes sense why I wasn't feeling right all weekend. But with my lack of experience I didn't know what it feels like when the clutch is on its way out... now I do so it is all a big learning curve! We were not the only ones who went through clutches as we know of three others who went through two or more clutches on R6s!

I would just like to say thank you to Mark Clark for coming down on Sunday was awesome having you there, sorry I couldn't perform but Oulton isn't far away! Kevin Hann - thank you for all the help and support and hope you recover well from the hospital, we hope to see you soon. Thank you to Seton Tuning for the help and advice this weekend. Also I would like to thank Hans Van Der Merwe for being there and supporting me all the way and Joey Poole Aka Sketch for absolutely everything you are a legend bro and of course my dad Dale Beanz Thomson for getting me where I am today we will prove all these snakes in the grass wrong soon...

Thank you to Darren Canes for making us look factory with a proper awning this year! 😁 Hope to see you at Oulton!

Thank you Anthony Davis for my new suit will definitely get it bedded in for round 2!

Carole Glen and Joe Sheldon-Shaw for all the help and the gearing advice! Joe I hope you recover soon!

Paul Vickers for the help and advice to help me get the bike where it needs to be.

Rob Cameron 151s for the best base layers worldwide #wornbywinners

Stephen Shepherd for all the help and kind words!









Picture credit 📸 - Bonnie Lane

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