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Race report: Silverstone

Well what can I say … we definitely didn’t have the weekend we expected or deserved, we arrived at the meeting knowing the bike wasn’t quite up to putting us at the front but definitely good enough for the top 5-6 and we were happy with that considering Silverstone is our worst circuit on the calendar…

FP1 (4th) - Connor was in the mix, ending the session in 4th, which we were extremely pleased about.

Qualifying (5th) - We tried a small change to the bike which didn’t quite work out and ended the session in 5th place and again team was pleased with this result.

Race 1 (DNF) - We put the bike back to the original settings for race1 and again Connor rode extremely well considering or current position- unfortunately though, being in the fight with 4 other bikes, the bike got extremely hot and boiled over causing fluid to be expelled onto his rear tyre causing a crash, nothing Connor could’ve done to avoid it really. And luckily very minor damage to the bike although we were very concerned about the engine so it was a very hectic night getting the bike sorted for morning warm up…

Warm up (12th)- The team did a fantastic job and had the bike ready for Connor to have a run to make sure everything seemed ok - a very steady session just to check the bike over.

Race 2 (DNF) - Connor stalled the bike shortly before the green flagged warm up laps, which meant he had to start at the back of the grid - 30th place on the grid Off the start Connor was up to 19th or 20th by turn 2, then as he was about to enter Becketts (turn3) one of the slower riders got his intentions mixed up with his abilities and took Connor out - see the resulting pictures of the bike below -

As a family racing bikes for well over 30 years, we’re used to seeing crashed bikes and invariably they always look a lot worse they they really are - unfortunately in this case the opposite is true - the bike is a total loss - so we’re not quite sure how we sort this yet - but we WILL !!!

I would personally like to thank Mark Carpenter, Karl, Tracy Hession, Brooke & William who went above and beyond this wkend to help us out, special thanks as always to those people, without whom none of this works…

Stephen Thompson

Sarah Thompson

Kevin Hann

Robert Beavis

Anthony Davis

Caroline Reeves

John Gardner

Anne Cole

Thompson Haulage Ltd

Hans Van Der Merwe

Taya-Louise Goodchild

Peter Ward

Tony Jacklin

Thanks to Luke Hopkins #16 Shane Crozier Highsparks Motorsports, Phil and all the crew at True Heroes Racing, Ash AH-Performance AH Performance for a few tips and parts that helped us out too

Shoutout to the whole Thompson haulage / CRT Racing team for all their hard work!

Connor Rossi Thomson

Andy Booth

Daniel Adams

Al (Sid) Adams and Dee Adams

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