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Race report: round 1 Donington Park National

FP1- So the weekend didn't start so well with trying different set-up and gearing. But thankfully with my suspension technician Pav Steska Suspension Set Up he had got the bike to where it should be for FP2. I ended FP1 in P22 which is nowhere near to where we should be finishing!

FP2- The changes that Pav had made where working great however in FP1 I had changed the steering damper settings harder due to my front end being so loose. But with the changes Pav made I didn't need it hard any more however I forgot to change it back and I diddn't know why the bike was handling so much different. Furthermore the changes we had made with the gearing I think it would have taken me so much longer to get used to it and to change my riding style for it so we decided to change that!

FP2 - P19

Qualifying - I had made the decision to change back to what I know gearing and set-up wise and we wer putting in a few laps and then managed get the new tyre on and put a decent lap in placing me 13th on the grid which was my PB. And with the changes I was straight away down 1.6 of my times from free practice. Yes it is a step forward however it is where we should have started the weekend!

The Race - I managed to get a decent start making my way up to 10th and then dropped to 11th after making a slight mistake coming onto the back straight and just lost the group infront, I was consistently holding the gap infront and behind. Then a collision happened infront and put me up to 8th then the safety car came out, which brought me to the next group, it stayed out for 3 laps and then as it went in I was trying to get the best drive possible out of the chicane trying to use a different line and unfortunately there was a load of gravel still on the track from the previous incident.

I knew it had been there however I thought since the safety car had gone in I thought the track would be clean.

It's my fault I should have taken a lap to see where it was. It is unfortunate but also a learning curve I will take my time and build it up next time. Maybe I should have settled for the points but then I wouldn't be able to say I tried my hardest.

Thank you everyone for their support!

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