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Race report: Donington National

What a weekend it’s been! All the hard work is starting to pay off! First of all I want to say a huge thank you to all my team, family, friends, sponsors for all of the support and believing in me, Now we are so close 🤏🏼 that one extra hard work put in from my side of things will see us at the top 💪🏻

Thursday 🫠

After we set up I had do finish building up my bike which was essentially built up out of a parts bin 😂 we are calling him Frankenstein 🤟🏼🤣 I worked till 2 in the morning trying to sort out little issues, then when u I was wrapping the farings I accidentally burnt my hand badly on the heat gun.


Fp1 - was just a session to check the bike over and make sure it was ok… it wasn’t, the gear lever fell off making me miss half the session however we managed a few laps, discovering the gearing and suspension was wrong.

Qualifying - Went out and did about 5 laps and came in as I had a problem with brake fade and saying something is wrong with the gearing to the team, as I go back out on my first lap I hear the bike go really loud so I had to back it off for the last few laps as the exhaust clamp had blown off. When I came in we discovered a oil leak also… bringing it home in p12 going about 3 seconds quicker from this morning… HOWEVER the gearing that was meant to be changed we discovered after my track map that someone in the team (dad) 😜😂 had put the same gearing back on 🤦🏼‍♂️🙈 so diddnt do too bad considering.

Thank you to the Chris at True heroes racing for helping out.


RACE 1 ⬇️

Start P12

Finish P7

Overall I was happy to get a finish under my belt especially with having such bad luck at the first round. a leaking exhaust and glazed over pads, a couple other issues aswell which dad worked all night with no sleep to try and iron out all of the problems.


Warm up⬇️

We had tried a different set up and I diddnt like it so we decided to change it back to what I had in race 1.


RACE 2 ⬇️

Start - P6

Finished - P4 🤏🏼

What a race, brilliant battles for P3, I felt I had the pace to pull away but some dodgy moves from a rider meant I couldn’t then unfortunately got pushed out wide again and got passed by 5 riders with 2 laps to go putting me in P7 managed to pick them off one by one and got myself up to P4 couldn’t ask for more from my first weekend back on a Frankenstein bike 🤟🏼

I want to say a huge thank you to all the guys who have got me here!

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