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Round 2: Oulton Park

Absolute amazing time at Oulton Park, had so much fun and progressed so much over the weekend although still feeling disappointed on the race result but overall really happy of how I was riding and feel really confident on the bike.


Was a drying track went out on wets to stay safe just to allow me to learn the track on a 600 and it's safe to say I absolutely love it!


Finally a fully dry session to push and learn the track some more and I managed to get a lap time of 1:48.016 but I was still feeling uncomfortable with the set up.


I went out after having a long de-brief with my dad and decided to make a couple big changes to the bike and felt so much better making me improve my lap time. I qualified in 24th on a 1:44.570 - 3.5 secs faster than my time in FP2.

Warm-up was cancelled due to a diesel spill on the track.


The difficult decision: wets or drys?!

Unfortunately we took the wrong choice and went on wets on a fully dry track. I got a really good start getting me up into the points but my tyres where overheating and having massive tank slappers everywhere and felt it was too dangerous. It gave me a really good feeling and showed me just how hard I can push the bike! Really looking forward to Donington now ✊

First of all thank you to Dale Beanz Thomson for finding a set up that works for me 😁✊ and of course getting me where I am today ✊

Thank you Darren Canes and Max Canes for coming down was awesome having you guys there! ♥️✊

Unfortunate that Joey Poole couldn't make it👎

Huge thank you to the following!

Mark Clark

Kevin Hann











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