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Round 3: Donington Park National

Really disappointing results for us at donington, unfortunately was just one of them weekends...

However, I'm not going to sit and talk about the reasons - I'm just taking the positives and going to head to Brands with my chin up!

Qualifying was not what we wanted. We went out after making a few changes, all of my sector times where decent however I just couldn't make the lap gel together.

The race

Unfortunately I got a pretty bad start from my already bad position however I tried to stick with the group ahead. After getting pushed wide I had lost the tow and couldn't stick with them as I was rushing everything, eventually came home in 23rd.

I am sorry to all the team for not bringing in the result we needed.

Heads up for Brands Hatch, let's hope we can make it! ✊

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mark Clark at CegraIT for all the help, support and good laughs, hope to see you again soon!

Joey Poole for everything you do on the weekends and taking your time to spend with us and also for the good laughs truly a good friend bro ❤️

Dale Beanz Thomson for all the hard work that goes into getting me here I really can't thank you enough for everything you do for me ❤️

Darren Canes and Max Canes for coming down and supporting me means the world to me!

Hans Van Der Merwe for always being there for me and helping out no matter what!

Stephen Shepherd for all the kind words and help you give.

Kevin Hann

Anthony Davis

Caryn Thomson & Caitlyn Thomson









Means so much having such great people behind me and I can't wait to repay you all!

Picture credit 📸 Bonnie Lane

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